"The Amstrad GX4000 will be up against established consol competition in the form of the sega master system
and others - but with amstrad behind it, it can hardly fail" - AA september 1990

This page is abit empty at the moment but there should be more projects to come. Here are a few projects that you can make for the amstrad cpc range of computers along with some techie articles out of english cpc mags. You can contact me here.

HomeMade Projects

Projects off the internet:

Projects out of Mags:

Techie articles/service Manuals


www.csa8.com - #csa8s website, recommended
http://siou.free.fr/cpc6128e.html - Some very interesting hardware for the cpc
http://members.tripod.co.uk/Craigster/index.html - AmsTech CPC Homepage